The Purus Story


Purus Active Health was created in 2007 with the aim to combine the best in treatment and personal training and bring it to the West End.

The mission of Purus Active Health back then was to offer a comprehensive and professional, health care service delivered to a high standard which is both industry leading and good value. Over the years, the business has evolved to become one of the leading osteopathic and sports massage clinics in our two Central London locations; Chancery Lane and Victoria

Their team of highly skilled and passionate therapists aim to help  you reach your goals ranging from running your first marathon to sitting at your desk comfortably. We understand the frustrations of being in discomfort which is why we aim to solve your problem in the shortest, safest possible timeframe. The treatment is also designed to empower you with knowledge to have confidence in using your body more efficiently. 

The Purus team believe in three main principles:

  • LISTEN – we appreciate that you have come to us as experts to help with your injury. Your symptoms need to be heard so that we can fully understand the issues presentinig themselves and work out where the cause is coming from as the site of the pain is not always the problem. The history presenting itself will give us a better idea of the injury and lead to a better plan going forwards. Your injury is unique to you so therefore your treatment plan will be individual too.

  • EDUCATE – we aim to educate the patient so that long term they can learn to self manage the issue. We are not magicians sadly but we can help you understand how the body works and the best course of action to fix it. Your treatment session will be designed to help give back the confidence in your body and learn to trust it again.

  • FACILITATE – our job as therapists is to help facilitate change in the body. This is done via a number of methods including soft tissue work, manipulations, and exercise prescription to name a few. We are there to give advice and a helping hand along the way and create the ebst environment fo the body to heal itself. 

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