Video Osteopathy Consultation

 Online Video Consultations


Purus are offering our patients a new service of online Osteopathy consultations. This gives you a flexible and cost effective treatment for people who are unable to attend the clinic. The benefits of this services include:

  • Triage for acute musculo-skeletal issues
  • Saves time travelling to appointments
  • More flexible hours for appointments at a convenient time for you
  • Access to therapists outside of your home area

Zoom is our preferred platform for the video consultations as it is user friendly and safe. Connecting via Zoom is very simple and doesn’t require you to download a new app or program. Once you have booked your appointment, you will receive an invitation email with all the information on setting up the video call. There is also the capability to record the session so you can watch back at your convenience for any exercises and advice.


What to expect from your consultation:

  • Full detailed case history
  • Alignment, postural and movement assessment
  • Explanation of your diagnosis
  • Personalised rehabilitation exercises
  • Advice on self care and treatment
  • Lifestyle recommendations for posture, nutrition and sleep
  • Referral for further investigations such as x-ray or MRI if needed

Your first consultation will last around 40 minutes and follow ups are 30 minutes and these appointments are also covered by most major health insurance companies such as AXA, BUPA and Cigna. For further information on Osteopathy, look at our FAQs


All our osteopaths are available for a consultation and the cost is £40. For bookings you can click on the link below or email us on [email protected]


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