Mei Says Move

Welcome to Mei Says Move!

A few of our long standing clients will recognise Mei and those pearly whites!  Mei has put a lot of you through your paces over the years as a PT.  This year she has adapted like the rest of us and moved her sessions online to V-PT and is keeping people fit while they work from home, and lets face it at the moment V-PT may the only consistency we have whilst the Gyms are dragged through Lockdown, Lockdown Lite and now Tier 4.

There are plenty of reasons to V-PT:

1. TIME POOR – there is no need to commute or pack a gym bag, Mei will squeeze value out of every second of your session so that you max out the little time you have to train.

2. ACCOUNTABILITY – the deal breaker for a lot of clients. Commitment to exercising regularly is not necessarily about having someone to answer to…it’s as simple as having an appointment in the diary.

3. GYMS ARE NOT YOUR THING – The only grunts you will hear are yours, the only person posing in the mirror will be you.

4. YOU DO NOT HAVE A CLUE – there is no shame to admit you do not know what the heck you are doing. Hiring an expert to help you out is often the best way forward.

5. YOU HAVE INJURIES – V-PT is ideal for clients with injuries and niggles. The programs will be designed around you. 

For more information follow Mei Says Move on Facebook, Instagram or email on [email protected]. She will also be offering 15 minute Zoom chats to anyone that is interested in finding out more about V-PT.