Reformer Pilates

The Reformer is a piece of equipment that we get asked about a lot in regards to how it can help with your injuries. It generates a lot of interest when people see a session taking place in our Victoria clinic. Here is Physiotherapist Millie Lindsay answering some questions about the exercise. 


Reformer Pilates


What is reformer pilates? 

Reformer is a piece of equipment used in pilates. The reformer resembles a bed, which has a moving carriage. The carriage is attached to various springs and ropes. Numerous pilates exercises can be conducted on the reformer helping to improve mobility and strength for the whole body. Pilates focuses on activating muscles while under length to increase strength without causing injury.

What’s the difference between reformer and mat pilates?

The main difference is reformer pilates requires the use of the Reformer! Mat pilates requires minimal or no equipment. Many of the pilates exercises can be conducted on either mat and/or reformer. However the reformer incorporates more of a dynamic approach to the exercise. Also due to the springs/ropes on the reformer, the exercise can be made more challenging or provide more stability depending on the client’s needs.


What conditions have you found it effective with? 

I have found it to be effective for all conditions and injuries. Majority of my clients who were advised to start pilates have lower back pain or hip injuries. This is because pilates focuses on glute and core activation which is very effective in aiding recovery for these conditions.


How often would you suggest Pilates treatment?

I recommend conducting pilates 1-2 a week alongside completing a home exercise programme prescribed by your instructor.


What’s the difference between pilates and yoga? 

The main difference between these forms of exercise is that pilates focuses on strengthening whereas yoga focuses more on flexibility. Both of these types of exercise incorporate the mind-body connection. However pilates utilizes this technique to help with core control and muscle activation, and yoga uses this technique to promote relaxation. Pilates also uses many different types of equipment, such as reformer, chair and Cadillac compared to yoga, which is mostly mat work.

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