Purus Owner and Lead Osteopath Mark Hokan recently discussed performance Osteopathy with Simon Carty from Amino Water. He describes the journey from personal training to osteopathy and how he now applies it to the athletic performace world including athletics and golf. 


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Amino is a fast-growing UK based tech-enabled functional beverage brand. We build drinks with a purpose, harnessing the power of Amino Acids, the building blocks of protein. Each of the 21 Amino Acids our bodies are made from has a role and function and when we use them in free form it gives us the flexibility to customize formulas for specific effects. Our mission is to help athletes and gym-goers globally to crush there chosen goals. You control your journey, let Amino Acids power it.

Hope this helps with your training going forwards!

Any questions feel free to email Mark on [email protected]. he is based in Covent Garden Monday-Friday. You can book in online at www.purusactivehealth.co.uk