Over the years we have developed an expert team at Purus and Sian Eaton is an integral part of this. She has worked for us for the past eight years and in that time has got married and had her first baby, Oscar, who is now two.

She now manages to juggle being one of the lead osteopaths in Covent Garden, tutoring at the British School of Osteopathy whilst looking after a husband, baby and dog. Hats off! Here she talks about how she got into osteopathy and who she would recommend it for. Sian works at the Garden Studios clinic and can be contacted on [email protected]


How did you get into osteopathy?

I first found out about osteopathy when I was 16 years old and my dad went to see an osteopath for neck and shoulder pain. I was interested and my dad asked if I could go with him to his next session, I then did a day of observation and the rest is history. It turned out that all the osteopaths at the clinic were lecturers at the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) which was where I ended up studying.

Coincidentally, the osteopath that treated my dad then ended up interviewing me and giving me a job, 15 years later, for a role at The BSO as a clinic tutor. Small world!


Who would you recommend osteopathy to?

I would recommend osteopathy to everyone….of course I would!

Modern life puts a huge strain on our bodies and for the majority of the time we get away with it, then one small thing can change and it can result in an injury that takes a long time to get over.

If you know that you take your body for granted and don’t have the time to give the attention it deserves, then seeing an osteopath can help to avoid the issues that may arise.


My top 5 types of people that take their body for granted:

Desk workers – spending 8 hours a day sitting hunched up at a desk doesn’t do you any favours. When was the last time you stretched out those poor hamstrings and hip flexors after a long day at your desk?










Most enjoyable part of the job?

The most enjoyable part of the job is meeting all the people I do and getting to know them.

I end up learning the most interesting things from them- I didn’t realise that the Isle of Man has its own government until last week, who knew?!